ALBUM: Nea Nelson – ‘Shoot You Down’ (EP)

scandipop January 4, 2017 0


Last year Swedish artist Nea Nelson WOWed us big time with the release of the brilliant ‘Shoot You Down‘ single. And then again with the follow-up single ‘Danger Love‘. So it wasn’t much of a surprise when we finally got round to listening to her debut EP (also titled ‘Shoot You Down’) at the end of last year, and discovered it was full of top drawer, high standard, good quality tunes. And we’d recommend you take a listen below for yourself. It unfortunately doesn’t feature ‘Danger Love’ (which has been cruelly DELETED from Spotify, though you can still listen via Soundcloud in the aforementioned link), but it does feature ‘Shoot You Down’, and four brand new tracks. Two of them being summer-ready, reggae-rock, blissed out numbers (‘Real Fucked’ and ‘Hot Potato’), and the other two being drama filled, well produced pop songs (‘Barefooted Child’ and ‘Reason To Kill’). We’re hoping to hear a lot more from Nea in 2017. She is VASTLY underrated, and with not enough people paying attention to her. We’d also like ‘Danger Love’ put back up on Spotify, tack.

You can find ‘Shoot You Down’ on our Best New Artists playlist, and ‘Reason To Kill’ on our Best New Pop playlist.



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