Ida Corr: ‘Naughty Girl’

scandipop March 1, 2012 2

Denmark has produced the filthiest of floorfillers to soundtrack the trashy Copenhagen nightlife that we’ve come to know and love.

It’s come in the form of Ida Corr’s ‘Naughty Girl’. And the aforementioned filth rears its head as the dirty dancefloor beats and synths incorporated into the track. This isn’t the sound of Saturday night – it’s the sound of Sunday afternoon revellers still buzzing from the Saturday night and ending up in the grimiest, scuzziest dancefloor, the only one in the city that’s still open.

Despite the English title, the song is in Danish apart from those two words. But judging by the title, the production, and Ida’s sultry vocal – we can only imagine what lyrics are being spurted out. It’s a pleasing image;




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