Norwegian Idol 2011 winner – Jenny Langlo: ‘Building An Aeroplane’

scandipop December 17, 2011 2

Last night the 2011 series of Norwegian Idol was held, and a victor crowned – Jenny Langlo.

Below you can watch her perform her winner’s single, ‘Building An Aeroplane’ which was written by Patrick Hamilton, Niclas Lundin, Maria Marcus and Vincent Pierin. We do love us some Niclas Lundin here at Scandipop! And we’re already liking the song. ‘Building An Aeroplane’ doesn’t stray too far from the standard ‘winner’s single’ blueprint. It’s got the usual ingredients of a building tempo and some hugely uplifting and positive lyrics. However, it’s a little bit more guitar based than normal – and lo and behold – Jenny herself actually brandishes a guitar on stage while performing it.

We haven’t been following Norwegian Idol, so we don’t know too much about Jenny and her voice. However, based on the performance below, we’re guessing she won because of her ‘alternative’ vocals. She doesn’t belt this one out as you’d expect. Instead there’s a fragile tenderness to her voice. And so we’re expecting that her first proper album (will be subjected to an album of covers first, like the Swedish Idol winners are?) to be in the soft acoustic guitar pop mold.

Congrats to Jenny on the win! But do have a quick peek at how CUTE the runner up, Vegard Leite is in this picture!




  1. Mia December 17, 2011 at 10:57 pm -

    Jenny was fine – she certainly had the best stage presence and has the popstar ‘look’, but she certainly wasn’t the best vocalist – certainly not compared to the strength of Kirsit, or the fragile, delicate voice of Maria or Bianca, amongst the females, anyway).

    My heart belonged to Vegard (who is a far better singer) throughout the competition.He has a strong ‘soft rock’ voice that suits his acoustic guitar driven genre, and he was just THE nicest guy – shy, humble, and showed enormous grace and composure when being routinely savaged by the (completely bias and inconsistent) judges over the final 6 weeks of the competition. They made no bones about being 100% on Team Jenny, openly urging viewers to vote for her.

    I’m not dissing Jenny, She was entertaining and I’m sure she’s got a good career in front of her. I just don’t feel she lived up to the hype.

    Love Building An Aeroplane. One of the better winner’s songs I’ve heard in a while.

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