Martin Rolinski strolled by Nyhetsmorgon earlier today to grace Swedish television with an interview, a performance of his new single ’Blame It On A Decent Matter’, and the introduction of a brand new song in his blossoming solo repertoire that we’re looking forward to hearing more of.

‘Blame It On A Decent Matter’ we all know and love by now, that’s a given. So let’s cop a listen of this new song shall we? Here’s ‘The Time Of Your Life’;

Good isn’t it? An electro ballad wearing its pure pop heart proudly on its sleeve for all to see and hear. We particularly like the sparkly sounds that punctuate throughout, coming to the fore especially during the second half.

And here’s ‘Blame It On A Decent Matter’. Martin introduced a new spoken word middle eight into the song. We enjoy little things like that!

WHAT’S MORE, Martin relaunched his website last night, and it’s looking quite spiffing. Scroll down to the music section where you can listen to a preview of the SoundFactory remix of ‘Blame It On A Decent Matter’.

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