Today’s Christmas tune is a piece of gay filth from Swedish pop duo, Straight Up. Electro dance with an oh so pop twist. It’s all about getting your homosexual rocks off over the festive season.

Lyrically, there are so many highlights, or rather lowlights, that there’s no point singling out one or two lines. Just listen to the whole thing and be as amused or as horrified as you wish! Although we do have to point out that at the heart of what is obviously a ridiculous novelty record, is actually a very good pop song. On first listen it’s good, but by the third and fourth (if you can make it that far), it’s quite immense really! That chorus is sublime, with a fantastic melody shining through.

It’s not on youtube, but the boys have given us permission to stream the full track on here, so you can listen to it below. In their words to us; ‘’ Hope it puts the fizz in your champagne!’’

And if you want some more homosexiness from them, check out the vid to their previous single, ‘Twink’.

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