Ace of Base are back. That’s been said quite a lot in the last 12 months but now it’s actually true. New single ‘Wheel Of Fortune 2009’ was released last Friday in Sweden and has found itself instantly lodged in the Swedish iTunes top 20. The new Greatest Hits album (a 3CD affair with all the hits on one CD, the classic remixes on another, and 17 music videos on the third) is out next month, Ulf is blogging on the official website, and they’ve launched their own youtube channel;


You can read Ulf’s first two blog posts at But the gist (on the music at least) is that they intend on releasing a new single and album in 2009, and will continue to tour. Ulf is actually refreshingly honest throughout, admitting that they didn’t want to release another Greatest Hits album (this will be their third), but that it was the only way to get out of their contract with their current label, as they were contractually obliged to release one more album with them. He also clears up rumours about Linn, what they’ve been up to for the last five years, and whether or not they’ll tour the US and Western Europe.


No word about Melodifestivalen, but surely they can’t be as cautious of entering as they were ten years ago (Jenny has previously stated that they wouldn’t enter Melodifestivalen as losing the competition would be too harmful to their career). We’ll be hoping that they’ll be announced as Wildcards in January, but until then we can enjoy the two new tracks ‘Wheel Of Fortune 2009’ and ‘Don’t Turn Around 2009’, and look forward to the new album next year, the first album of new material since 2002’s ‘Da Capo’.

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