How to follow-up the release of one of the biggest hits of the year in Sweden? One of the most well-known choruses. And one of the most startlingly major instances of going from obscurity to popstardom. Better it! And while we were starting to get a bit *eye-roll* at Ace for taking so long to follow-up ‘Busy Doin Nothin’ (eight months today, readers), now we understand why. She was grafting away all this time, taking on the not-exactly-easy task of improving on it. And yeah – she’s gone and managed to do it too.

New single ‘Riot’ is released today, and outside of Sweden too. It’s been pretty much on repeat here since we first clapped ears on it yesterday. And when it’s not been playing, there’s been a resounding echo going on of the song’s finest bit – the post-chorus which is made up of an unfeasibly catchy brass riff and a “let’s start a riot” chant (we all know Ace loves to chant in her songs).


Although kudos to Ace – ‘Riot’ is in no way a rethread of ‘Busy Doin Nothin’ in a lazy attempt to score another hit. On the contrary it’s actually closer to the sound of what we got when we were first introduced to her on ‘A Wilder EP’. Showing that she’s been sure in her own sound since the very beginning, and that an Ace Wilder song is genuinely an Ace Wilder song. And we’re totally here for more Ace Wilder songs.

Anyway. ‘Riot’. Drums, handclaps, chants, and a big ol’ rave-up. It’s Ace Wilder’s biggest and bestest song to date.

‘Riot’ is written by Ace Wilder herself, along with Nicole Morier, Bram Inscore, Jukka Immonen and Henri Salonen.


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