Adelén yesterday finally followed up her debut single, with brand new track ‘Baila Conmigo’.

It of course comes after the epic ‘Bombo‘. Ridiculous and amazing in equal measures, that song has been a personal favourite of ours this year – the only track released in 2013 to make it into our Top 25 Most Played list on the old iPod. We shan’t reveal exact details, but that’s a hell of a lot of plays readers.

Her fellow Norwegians agree with us, and ‘Bombo’ has been a huge hit for her. Long outliving the Melodi Grand Prix contest from which it came, and lasting the distance to become a summer hit too. Other countries are now also on board with ‘Bombo’, and thus we’re all set for world bombomination. But in Norway, it’s time for a new single.

‘Baila Conmigo’ thankfully doesn’t stray too far from where ‘Bombo’ left off. For a start, she’s sticking with the same writers and producers – Ina Wroldsen and Quiz & Larossi. And it’s another Mediterranean flavoured Scandipop rave-up – with a sublime, but easy to repeat chorus. “La la la, oh-oh-oh la la la, oh-oh-oh la la la, baila conmigo“. What more could we want?

The likes of ‘Baila Conmigo’ and ‘Bombo’ are so rare in pop music these days.

Hmmm….what could be done about that?

Yesterday, news broke that Adelén has been signed up by legendary media mogul (possibly the biggest entertainment guy of the last 30 years?) Simon Fuller, for a full global launch. Christ knows exactly what this means. But it basically translates into the quite real possibility that we’re gonna be hearing a lot more from Adelén in the not too distant future. And thank fuck for that – we love this girl!

The new single;

Baila Conmigo - Single - Adelén


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