Well hooray and hurrah – THE Agnes is back with a brand new single. And she’s allowing us to preview a clip of it today, ahead of its release in Sweden on Monday (May 28th).

Two things first though;

  • This isn’t what you’re expecting a new Agnes single to sound like
  • Don’t worry, it’s amazing anyway

The Dance (Love! Pop!) singer has instead chosen to make her comeback with a ballad. ‘One Last Time’. And it’s in many ways a new breed of pop ballad – certainly not like anything we’ve heard before anyway. You know that Ryan Tedder production style of ballad that’s influenced slow songs over the last few years, thanks to his success with ‘Bleeding Love’ (Leona Lewis), ‘Halo’ (Beyonce), and ‘Already Gone’ (Kelly Clarkson)? The beat-heavy kind of love song. Well it takes that sound, warps it, and does something new with it. This is Leona Lewis meets Lykke Li.

It’s a hugely emotional song. About coming to the painful realisation that your other half doesn’t want you anymore, and so pleading with them to be held just one last time. As such, her vocal on it remains fragile throughout – purposely restraining itself from really letting rip. Although there’s a beautiful part during the middle eight where after a dramatic final request for another chance, we hear her do some serious diva wailing – only it’s been tuned out and turned into a haunting and ghostly cry by studio effects. We’re taking that to mean her aforementioned request for another chance was rejected. And that’s very sad indeed.

Is it what we thought we wanted from a new Agnes track? No.

However, is it one of the best songs she’s ever released? Yes, it is actually!

Here’s that preview;

[audio:https://www.scandipop.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Agnes-One-Last-Time-preview.mp3|titles=Agnes One Last Time preview]

Co-written by Jonas Quant, ‘One Last Time’ is released in Sweden on May 28th. A video has already been shot and will be coming soon.


P3 radio in Sweden played it in full today (Monday). So you can now take a listen to it below;

One Last Time - One Last Time - Single