Despite the fact that the original is pop perfection in itself, when we first heard ‘Dance Your Pain Away’ by Agnetha Fältskog, we couldn’t help but imagine what a 7th Heaven remix of it would sound like (and we wrote just that in our original review of the song back in May). Why 7th Heaven? Because they ‘get it’. No one does big gay remixes like they do (apart from of course Almighty – who one half of 7th Heaven used to be, anyway). And when it comes to big and gay, it doesn’t get any bigger or gayer than ‘Dance Your Pain Away’.

So it’s with great relief that they actually have been brought on board for remix duties. And an even greater relief that the resulting remix is even better than we could have wished for.


There really are no words. The remix is everything we could have wanted from it. It’s just everything – in general. And if you thought the “nothing he got nothing her got nothing he got nothing on you” part sounded sublime before – *gasp*. We’re buying stocks in amyl nitrate as we speak.

The remix package of the single will be released in the UK on July 15th. But you can listen to the full length, throbbing, prostate tickler here;

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