Agnetha Fältskog’s comeback album ‘A’ has done pretty well alright for her across Europe and in the UK. And now that she’s given us the perfect Radio 2 ballad ‘When You Really Loved Someone’, AND the perfect gay anthem ‘Dance Your Pain Away’, she’s ready to release another single from the album in time for Christmas. Or rather, two singles. Which one you get will depend on where you live.

The Brits will be getting ‘The One Who Loves You Now’ – which is the song the Germans got as the first single, while the rest of the world got ‘When You Really Loved Someone’. ‘The One Who Loves You Now’ is the ‘A’ album’s opening track, and one of the first songs that its songwriters Jörgen Elofsson and Pär Westerlund played to Agnetha when they first met in an attempt to persuade her to record a new album. So in a way it’s partly down to this song that we even got ‘A’ from her in the first place. And you can hear why. It’s a perfectly crafted, old fashioned, retro style ballad with a modern and mid-tempo infusion of beats. It’s very instant and uplifting, and should be another favourite with BBC Radio 2. And is that a key change we can hear?…..

The rest of the world will be getting ‘I Should’ve Followed You Home’ as the new single. This is the much talked about Gary Barlow duet, and it was written by him together with Jörgen Elofsson. Quite why they’ve decided to release this everywhere aside from the country in which Gary Barlow’s profile is biggest (particularly around this song’s release period, November) is anyone’s guess. But you don’t argue with Agnetha Fältskog. You just don’t. The only logical explanation for the decision is that perhaps the inevitable pressure of performing it on Barlow’s X Factor would have been too much for her. But we’ll probably never know. As for the song itself, it’s one of the album’s better ones. Dramatic in melody, it starts off as a heartfelt ballad and then transforms into an up-tempo pop track. “dancefloor dust never quite settles” indeed. We want 7th Heaven on remix duty again please.

‘I Should’ve Followed You Home’ gets its official release as a single on November 18th around the world (aside from the UK), and ‘The One Who Loves You Now’ comes out in Britain a week later on November 25th.

The One Who Loves You Now


I Should’ve Followed You Home



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