ALBUM: Anna of the North – ‘Lovers’

ALBUM: Anna of the North – ‘Lovers’

Norwegian-Kiwi duo Anna of the North are FINALLY out with their debut album. Ten years since the release of their first single, they’ve now gotten round to putting out ‘Lovers’. A ten track album of beautiful synthpop, and with a soft tinge of the eighties running throughout and contributing to a most pleasing sense of sonic continuity.

Our highlights from the record include ‘Always’, ‘Friends’, and ‘Fire’. But undoubtedly the best thing on there – and indeed one of the best songs released so far this year – is ‘Someone’. A stunning piece of pop music that sounds like it’s been lifted directly from a period thirty years ago. It’s almost like a pastiche of the classic ‘Bette David Eyes’ – and with equally as breathtaking an arrangement. And….is….is….is that a key change we detect?!

Clear some time in your schedule and get ready to take ‘Lovers’ in.

You can find ‘Someone’ on our Best New Synthpop playlist.

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