What’s this? The brand-new EP from Norwegian artist Astrid S, ‘Down Low’.
Hasn’t she just released an EP? Yep, a month back she released ‘Trust Issues‘, which wrapped up all of her singles of the previous twelve months. ‘Down Low’ features four brand-new songs.
What does Astrid say? “The ‘Down Low’ EP is out! I’ve had some acoustic songs that I’ve wanted to release for a while, and as I got to play them on tour, I’ve had the chance to tell the stories behind them. It’s been very special to see everyone’s first reaction. Me and Eivind Helgerød locked up in the studio this summer to produce the songs for the EP, and I wrote ‘Years’ and ‘Favorite Part Of Me’ with some of my favorite producers/writers. These songs feel so close to my heart and genuine to where I am today as a songwriter.”
Highlights? ‘Sidelove’ was an instant fave, thanks to the impact of the melody that’s been written into it. But we’re also big into the tenderness of ‘Years’, another one with a cracking great tune to it.

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