What’s this? A brand-new EP and a brand-new single from Norwegian artist Jesper Jenset.
Oooh, new single? ‘Let’s Go Somewhere And Talk’ in which Jesper ups the tempo considerably, and delivers one of his finest pop tunes to date.
What else is on the EP? The three previous singles, ‘Bad Vibrations’, ‘Red Eyes’ and ‘Blue Flag/Fun Things’. AND a really cool opening number called ‘Silence’, which clocks in at just over a minute and a half, and which, mercifully, does actually include vocals, despite the title.
What does Jesper say? “My music is about my life right now. I want the lyrics to be relatable, about love and friendship. It’s pop music, but shows my identity.”
More from Jesper? Well the next logical step would be to ask you if you’ve checked out ‘Waves Vol. 1’. If not – here you go.

You can find ‘Let’s Go Somewhere And Talk’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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