Their debut album has arrived! Yep – the first album from Swedish brothers JTR, who found famed on the Australian X Factor and who are now trying their chances back home, following debut single ‘Ride’.
Is it any good? It is. It’s kind of interesting to note that while this week One Direction have released a very good album that doesn’t sound like a very good One Direction album, JTR have released a very good One Direction album. That makes sense in our head anyway.
Standout tracks? Here’s the thing. Tracks 1 through to 13 play out like a cohesive album. Very little difference in sound – all bouncy guitarpop songs. So while it’s an enjoyable listen, it’s difficult to point out a standout track. And it’s also impossible to point out any bad tracks too, which is good. They’re all up there in terms of quality with ‘Ride’.
And so what of track 14? The album’s only ballad – saved until last. What a way to do an album!

Listen to the album on Spotify, and check out the chaps performing two songs from it on Swedish TV yesterday;


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