New Molly? In every sense of the word ‘new’. It’s her brand new album, ‘Större’. Her third album as an artist, but sonically, it feels like the first album of a brand new artist. It’s a Molly Sandén album like you’ve never heard another Molly Sandén album sound. And it sounds great!
What’s it like? Despite the aforementioned changes to her sound – don’t fear – this is still very much a strong pop album. But with the maturity to her sound that you would expect from Molly at this stage. On ‘Större’, she presents her new songs which hint at a definite love for r&b by the artist herself. But despite switching up her genres and influences, she’s most definitely not lost the knack for crafting a top-quality tune.
What are the best songs on there? Well we still love the singles, in particular ‘Utan Dig’ and ‘Rygg Mot Rygg’ – both of which we were still giving plenty of spins to prior to today. But there are also quite a few tracks that have caught our attention today. Most huge-sounding are the album’s title track ‘Större’, the biggest throwback to yesteryear Molly, ‘Sand’, and the gorgeously melodic ‘Ingen Som Jag’. But as a whole album, it works extremely well – with no weak links at all. Give it a spin;

You can find ‘Större’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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