Who is Ninsun Poli? A Swedish singer whom you’d do well to check out. After launching as a soul artist a decade ago, she took a break for quite a while and then re-emerged as an electro synth siren last year. She’s just released her new EP ‘Great Leap Forward’.
What’s it like? In its five tracks it manages to take the listener on a bit of a journey. The first three songs capture you under a dark blanket of head-fuck synth. You’re stuck under there until it’s had its wicked way with you. And you love every second of it. A ballad then allows you to reawaken, regroup, and steadily come back to life. Just in time to fully appreciate what comes next. The EP’s closing track – the big single ‘Great Leap Forward’ – is the star of the show. It’s tantalising that it closes the EP, because it leaves you wanting a lot more. Much respect to Poli if that was intentional. You can watch the video for ‘Great Leap Forward’ below the album stream.
More from Ninsun Poli? In 2014 she released another EP, ‘Breaking Rules’, which still sounds fresh today. You can listen to that here.


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