Danish soul singer Patrick Dorgan has just gone and released a brand new EP. It’s called ’03:17′, and it’s caught our attention as it’s a bit of a good one. Four tracks, seemingly split into two genres. The first two being retro flavoured up-tempo numbers, and the second two being mega ballads. Mega not just in that they’re really very good, but also in the sense of what they sound like, particularly in the case of ‘Safe Here’. And that’s been made up of a traditional rock ballad paired with a traditional soul ballad, with both genres being brought bang up to date. Definitely a powerful track, and one that hooked us in on first listen. The song was written by Patrick himself, along with Jaramye Jael Daniels and Don Stefano, and produced by Hennedub.

‘Amen’ is another highlight, closing the EP as a dramatic epic. And we also loved the tongue-in-cheek mischief of ‘Michelle’. And ‘No No No’ sets the tone as the EP’s opener, a soulful track that showcases his vocal, as well as his penchant for producing a good melody. In short – just check the whole thing out. Well worth a listen or three.

You can find ‘Safe Here’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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