Anders and Anders burst onto the music scene a whole four years ago, as THANKS. And now they’ve finally gone and released their debut album, ‘Mind Expansion’.

With it, also comes the new single – their first in an absolute age. The two Danes, formerly of Alphabeat, have released ‘Sunshine’. And as you would hope and expect from a song with that title, it’s an uplifting bundle of joy. Disco, funk, dance. ‘Sunshine’ is the vitamin D enriched remedy that we all need on this late February afternoon.

The rest of the album is a romp from start to finish however, so don’t just pay attention to the single – or for that matter, the rest of the singles – all of which are featured on here. Press play to enjoy their full journey through bouncy and brilliant pop. Peaking in the middle with the superb ‘Livin’ My Life’.

You can find ‘Sunshine’ on our Best New Dance playlist.

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