Following on from the release of last year’s ‘Lady Wood‘ album, Swedish megastar Tove Lo is back with what she’s referring to as phase II. Or ‘Blue Lips’, as it shall be known henceforth. With lead single ‘Disco Tits‘ setting the tone and ramping up excitement, we had high expectations for this record. And our Tove did NOT disappoint. Like ‘Lady Wood’, ‘Blue Lips’ is separated into two parts, both with six songs each. But what are the big highlights?

Well pleasingly, she’s managed to feature two songs on there that are even better than the single. That’ll be ‘Stranger’ and ‘Bad Days’. The latter of which is up there with ‘True Disaster’ as the best thing she’s put out since her early era (and actually not that different sonically to ‘True Disaster’ either). Special mentions also go to ‘Bitches’, ‘Struggle’, ‘9th of October’, and the album’s closing track ‘Hey, You Got Drugs’. But DO check out the full record below.

You can find ‘Stranger’ on our Best New Synthpop playlist.

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