What’s this? The brand-new EP from Swedish artist Yaeger – this is ‘Fixed-Gear’.
What’s on it? Five tracks that are rooted heavily in r&b, but which merge in elements from dance music (‘I Tried’) to synthpop (‘Watch Him Fall’) and straight-up pop (‘I Don’t Even Know What I’m Saying’). All in all, however, a concise collection of songs that are equally matched in their strength (which is high) and that are wonderfully cohesive in sound. It’s an EP to either chill with, or face the day with armed with a get-shit-done attitude.
What does Yaeger say? “Fixed-gear is a fixed motion, if something feels bad, get out of there and move forward. If someone tries to bring you down and kill your vibe, push on, move forward. But when all is good and it feels right, stay on that gear and keep moving.”
More from Yaeger? This is her second EP. If you missed her debut, ‘Gul’, you can check that out right here.

You can find ‘Watch Him Fall’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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