What’s all this then? Zara Larsson has this weekend travelled to the US to promote her first release over there. It’s the ‘Uncover’ EP. And it’s all kicked off already – MTV are streaming the full EP ahead of its release. You can listen to it below.
What’s on the ‘Uncover’ EP? Six previously released (in Europe) tracks – with three of them being offered up as “alternative” versions.
Have they chosen wisely on the tracklisting front? Pretty much. The biggest hits are all there – ‘Rooftop’, ‘Uncover’, and ‘Carry You Home’. No ‘Weak Heart’ though. But all is forgiven – the honour of being track 1 has been bestowed upon the AWESOME ‘1’ album track ‘Wanna Be Your Baby’. It also features Zara’s sonic ode to her idol Beyonce – ‘Never Gonna Day’. And ‘She’s Not Me’ parts 1 and 2 banded together as one track. It’s a fucking amazing EP in all fairness. What a great popstar Zara Larsson is.
And what about us back in Europe? We’re getting a remix video for ‘Weak Heart’ soon. A remix EP for the single was released in Sweden yesterday.

Stream the ‘Uncover’ EP by Zara Larsson over on MTV’s website.


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