The new Alcazar single! Listen to it and read all about it here.

And yesterday was another big day for the massive pop romp of a song. ‘Twas the day that the remix EP was released – including remixes by SoundFactory, Ninjaneers, Around The Globe, and Nasti & Clarks. PLUS an awesome extended remix. Listen to the remix package below on Spotify (or via YouTube for all you non-Swedes).

Yesterday the group also gave their first TV performance since Melodifestivalen. It was of that very Melodifestivalen song ‘Blame It On The Disco’ however, instead of the new single. Though the occasion was the ultra prestigious annual birthday concert for the Crown Princess of Sweden, Victoria. And you just don’t make setlist demands at an event like that. You can watch that performance (along with the rest of them) on our videos page here.

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