One of our favourite developments in dance music in 2009, has been the reinstatement of our favourite force in dance music ten years ago in 1999 – the almighty Almighty! On top of remixing new tracks from scandipopstars Agnes and Alcazar, they’ve also worked their magic on Crazy Loop, showing that they still only remix the best kind of pop music out there. Now they’ve turned their talents to another Scandinavian star being unleashed upon the UK. Darin!

His debut UK single is released on November 29th. It’s ‘Breathing Your Love’, his duet with Kat DeLuna, which was the lead single from his fourth album in Sweden, ‘Flashback’, which came out last year over there. It was produced by Red One, and so veers towards the more r&b side of pop music. So obviously the Almighty remix is something completely different. As you would hope and expect, it’s been turned into a full on cheesy dance anthem. We were pleasantly surprised by how well Darin’s vocals suited it too, as despite having being around for over four years now, Darin’s never had any flirtations with dance music, and remixes have been thin on the ground. But this sounds very good indeed.

In more Darin news, his ‘Flashback’ album is also being released in the UK – digitally, two weeks after the single.

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