Swedish pop strumpet Amanda Jenssen has just announced the release of her third album, ‘Hymns For The Haunted’ – ace artwork above. It’ll come out on November 19th in Sweden, but before that we get a brand new single – ‘Ghost’.

It follows on from this year’s ‘Dry My Soul‘. And it’s another case of Amanda Jenssen dipping her toes into the pool of 60’s inspiration. Although actually, Amanda has been doing the retro shtick for so long now that one could say that she’s now just doing her own thing and being inspired by her very self.

‘Ghost’ sounds VERY Amanda Jenssen. In fact, almost disappointingly so. ‘Dry My Soul’ at least heralded a slight change in sound and tempo. But ‘Ghost’ sounds like it could have come from her second album, which was released years and years and years ago! That’s not to say say that ‘Ghost’ isn’t very good anyway, but it’s definitely not the progression we would have liked to have heard from her. It’s a definite regression.