We’ve been waiting for a remix of Le Kid’s superb ‘America’ for AGES! Le Kid unfortunately don’t commission remixes for all of their singles, but when they do, they’re always a treat and a half, and just as superb as you would expect from THAT band. Remember the ‘Oh My God‘ and ‘Mercy Mercy‘ remixes?

‘We Should Go Home Together’, ‘We Are The Drums’, and ‘America’ have yet to have such lavish remixology bestowed upon them. However, one remix for ‘America’ did appear online this weekend. Produced by the scribe behind this excellent Swedish language pop culture blog, upon personal request/blessing from Le Kid themselves, it’s a hugely poptastic reinvention of the song, that fits perfectly into the rest of Le Kid’s small but satisfying back catalogue of remixes. Sped up to a bpm of 128, it’s the depressed ‘America’ housewife dosing up on Prozac, ridding itself of the constraints of the apron strings, fleeing the Le Family home, and heading to the afterhours club!

We’re particularly enamored with the 80 second section between the 00:40 mark and the 2:00 point, in which you can hear the warm tune of the original ‘America’ build and build, coming to the fore as some sort of blossoming extended intro.

Oh, and it’s a FREE DOWNLOAD!

Listen to and get the Les Adultes BonBon remix here (just click on the download arrow button, to the right);

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