Andreas Lundstedt’s AMAZING ‘Aldrig Aldrig’ (‘Never Never’) may not have had the Melodifestivalen result on Saturday night that the song deserved, but that doesn’t mean that Sweden hasn’t fallen for it somewhat. It’s been top 5 in the iTunes chart since its release yesterday, and has only just dropped to number 6 (having just been taken over by a Whitney Houston track). And we’ve been reading online quite a lot of positive comments about the song and negative comments about the result too. Which he should take some comfort from, if he is in need of any.

The video for the single was released today. It’s a simple affair, but absolutely perfect for the atmosphere that already exists in the song. To showcase the juxtaposition of heartbreaking lyrics over a dance beat, the video displays Andreas contrarily refusing the showy glamour that’s being imposed on him, with much more important things on his mind. It’s not unlike the great video that Will Young made for ‘Leave Right Now’.


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