Norwegian pop starlet Anina has this week released the video for her brand new single ‘Brain Break’.

More about the song itself here.

We already knew that Anina could do the whole video lark quite well, thanks to last year’s ‘Dominoes‘. But the ‘Brain Break’ video is a different kind of WOW. It features Anina playing four different characters – four different versions of herself. And they all represent a part of her inner thoughts while she’s in the middle of a mental episode, and in dire need of the aforementioned Brain Break.

The end result is an entertaining visual helped along by some fierce hair, costumes, and make-up. An artistic glimpse into the bizarre spectrum of emotions on the modern day female popstar’s bad day!

And she’s popped the single out on iTunes worldwide too, which is quite nice of her.

Brain Break - Single - Anina



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