Why, just less than a week ago Anna Bergendahl premiered her brand new single – her first in quite some time – on P3 radio’s Nio Till Ett show. And today, ‘Live & Let Go’ has been released on iTunes, AND its video has been premiered on Aftonbladet’s website.

You can read our thoughts on the song here, from last week. And quite a lot of you liked it too, judging by the comments below that article. But let’s take a look at the vid.

She went all the way to the US to film it (in fact, she’s been in the US quite a lot recently, as she recorded all of her new album over there too). And so there’s lots of sprawling West Coast scenery and soft focus sunshine. Beaches, palm trees, a bit of the ocean – y’know, that sort of thing. Very pretty. Just like the song.

Here’s both;

Live and Let Go (Radio Edit) - Single - Anna Bergendahl



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