Anna Bergendahl is on the comeback trail. Hello there, new album ‘Something To Believe In’ coming in October, and heeeeejjjj, brand new single ‘Live & Let Go’.

The former Melodifestivalen winner (2010, ‘This Is My Life’, lest you forget) had all but disappeared we thought. But no, she’d simply been badgering away on that follow up album. And this morning on Sveriges Radio’s Nio till Ett show, she premiered the very first fruits of this labour – ‘Live & Let Go’.

It’s not any kind of a departure from her previous material. Maybe a little bit more serious and somber. But she’s still got that soft, MOR, and radio friendly guitar sound. And even better – her voice is showing a little bit more maturity to it. There were moments on her debut that her vocal got a little bit too………it’s hard to put this politely…….like a goat?

But that’s all been resolved thankfully. Or at least it has been for ‘Live & Let Go’. Here, take a listen;