Anton Ewald has today premiered the video for his brand new single. A duet with none other than Denmark’s biggest popstar MEDINA! It’s called ‘This Could Be Something’, and it’s taken from Anton’s new EP ‘On My Way’ which was released last month.

Despite the fact that it was written with none of Medina’s past collaborators, ‘This Could Be Something’ sounds like a Medina song. And one of her better ones at that. Moody yet impactful dance music that exudes masses of SEX. The production on it – from the opening synths to the massive chorus and all the way through to the breathy middle eight – is awesome. Commendably so. And these two singers live up to it, sounding well suited to each other. Medina’s had some corkers throughout her career, and this is up there with the best of them. And as for Anton, well it’s probably his best to date.

‘This Could Be Something’ is written by Anton and Medina themselves, along with Jason Gill and Didrik Thott. It’s the big highlight of the ‘On My Way’ EP. An EP which is a quite frankly incredibly impressive progression of one pop star’s sound and style – setting him up as a ‘proper’ artist more than anything he’s released before. Melodifestivalen did wonders for introducing Anton Ewald to Sweden, but perhaps didn’t do his reputation many favours – from the presence (or lack thereof) of his live vocals on ‘Begging’ in 2013, to his last place finish with ‘Natural’ in 2014. But ‘On My Way’ is solid enough (and brill enough!) for him to escape that – if enough people actually get around to listening to it. Each of the four songs offer something different sonically (and not just from each other either – from a lot of what else is out there at the moment), and all four are co-written by Anton. We mentioned back in March that what Anton really needed to do after the ‘Natural’ fiasco was to come out with something big enough so as to distance himself from being “just a Melodifestivalen artist”. And thankfully for him (and for us, in terms of the likelihood of having him around for longer), he’s done that with ‘On My Way’. Listen to it. He’s a much better artist than so many people give him credit for.

Here’s the video for ‘This Could Be Something’, which premiered this afternoon over on Expressen’s website;

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