Hello everyone!

As many of you will already know, Eric Saade will very soon be following one of popular music’s biggest and bestest music events of 2011 (’Saade Vol.1’), with the grand release of his new album on November 30th (’Saade Vol.2’). He is literally the gift that keeps on giving. And with tunes as good as what he’s produced so far this year, we will happily keep on taking.

Right now he’s in Spain filming the video for his new single ‘Hotter Than Fire’. But next week he’s gonna be back in his native Sweden. And we’re going to be talking to him. About this new album of his, this new single of his, and about all that’s happened to him so far this year. And about all that he wants to happen to him next year!

Since announcing this interview yesterday on twitter, we’ve already had some emails and tweets asking us if we’re accepting questions from his fans. Yes of course we are!

If you want us to submit a question, here’s what you have to do;

You need to be on twitter. And all you need to do is write a tweet saying the following; “I want @scandipop to ask #EricSaade *******”. Obviously you replace those stars with your question! And we’ll be able to see all your questions easily.

Of course we won’t be able to ask every question submitted, but we will ask our favourites.

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