Benny & Björn from ABBA teaming up with Avicii to write a composition especially for the Eurovision Song Contes. You couldn’t make it up. You wouldn’t dare. And how on earth did SVT pull it off?! But pull it off they did, and that’s exactly what we got.

The final result ended up sounding a lot more Benny & Björn than it did Avicii. But if you were Avicii, would you be throwing your weight around in the studio against those two legends? No. You’d nod and say “yes” a lot.

The song ‘We Write The Story’ got its premiere on Saturday night, serving as the opening act for the final of the Eurovision Song Contest, and soundtracking what was an Olympic Ceremony-esque introduction to the countries and the competitors. There was a lot of flag waving involved.

It was a proper moment. Imagine the pride of each of the artists as they got to cross that bridge onto the stage while baring the flag of their nation whom were all watching at home. And all this while being part of the premiere of a new Benny & Björn composition. Oh yeah, and Avicii. We can’t forget that he was involved too.


Right after the show, the studio recording of the track got a worldwide release digitally.

Below you can find a link to grab it from iTunes, and also to watch that opening ceremony, and to listen to the studio recording of the song.

Live performance

Studio Version

We Write the Story - Eurovision Song Contest - Malmö 2013 (Bonus Version)


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