Swedish dance music supreme, Avicii, is back with what could quite realistically become one of the biggest dance tunes across the world in 2011. Under his other artist alias Tim Berg (his real name is Tim Bergling), he had arguably the biggest (and in our opinion, the bestest!) dance track in 2010 with ‘Bromance’/’Seek Bromance’. So we were expecting good things for his next big track.

The song is called ‘Penguin’, and a rip has been floating around youtube for the last few months (along with countless other Avicii productions going around at the moment), but Ministry of Sound have finally uploaded the full length version in all of its seven minute glory. And what a marvelous dose of music it is! It’s EPIC. It revolves around a piano riff which is repeated throughout, over a similar drum backing to what we heard in ‘Bromance’. It’s nothing revolutionary, but it’s not trying to be either. It sets out to be an uncompromisingly enjoyable dance tune and floorfiller, and succeeds on every level. If you like your dance music to be euphoric then you should definitely check out the track below, it ALL kicks off at around the 2:55 point especially!

For the moment it’s an instrumental, although we wouldn’t be surprised if a vocal version pops up too – in fact we really hope it does. Actually, earlier this month Avicii himself dropped the track into one of his DJ sets in London, and played some vocals over the top. We’re not sure at this stage if those are the vocals that’ll be used for the final release, or if he’s just been playing around with some vocal samples, but somebody made a recording of the spectacular moment and uploaded it to youtube. You can listen to it at this link here (‘Penguin’ starts at around the 30 second mark).


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