Lili & Susie this week gifted fans with a formidable EP of remixes of their recent summer single, the intoxicatingly incredible ’Bailamor’. At first glance the nine strong set looks like either a saliva stirring treat, or a daunting challenge – depending on your feeling for the song. No prizes for guessing which side of the fence we were sat on in giddy anticipation, when presented with the playlist!

But on closer inspection, it’s actually a much more easily palatable audio experience. You’ve got the standard radio edit, or course. And that’s accompanied by an English language version of the song. Regular readers of this site will know that we aren’t big fans of English translations once a Swedish language song has bedded itself in to our camp consciousness. But actually, the English language version of ‘Bailamor’ isn’t the crime against schlager that we assumed it would be. It sounds fantastic actually, and works really well in English too. Although we still prefer it in Swedish, mind.

Then you’ve got the work of Mr Soundfactory, who has been in amazing form all year with his pop remixes (after often straying a little bit too far in a ‘harder’ direction the previous couple of years, for our tastes anyway). And here he’s presented a remix which has been chopped into a radio edit, let fly in its original club edit, and also given as a bonus dub. Minus the dub, we’re in love.

And after that, it’s Andreas Berg’s turn to attempt to wow us. And he does that with a remix in a radio edit and a club edit form. Both in English and in Swedish. So four in total.

And that’s that!

The Lili & Susie single, which has been made with Swedish drag troupe Diamond Dogs, and is released on Magnus Carlsson’s FreeStar Music record label (keeping it all in the schlager family!), will have all its remixes released on iTunes soon. But for now, you can stream the whole lot through soundcloud below. AND for this week only, it’s available again here as a free download (in honour of Stockholm Pride week). AANNNDDDDD if you missed the quite frankly spectacular video first time round, you can catch it in awe again here.

Lili & Susie – Bailamor by FreeStar

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