Some brand new DANSBAND SCHLAGER that was released this week. It’s the new single from Barbados – ‘Förlåt’!

It’s their first release since 2011’s ‘Efterlyst’ album (which spawned this absolute gem). Clocking in at just under three minutes *ahem* it’s precisely the kind of thing we want from Barbados. Less rock and more cheesy pop. And in the same vein as the biggest and most loved of their hits from yesteryear. In fact the opening bar of the chorus almost sounds like it’s going to burst into ‘Kom Hem’. And why wouldn’t it! Dansband music has never been shy of ripping off the best of what’s come before, so they might as well trawl through their own back catalogue for some inspiration.

This single takes the chaps up to their impending 20th year anniversary, for which they’ve apparently got lots planned. More dansband schlager like this please boys!

‘Förlåt’ is out now and has been released outside of Sweden too. It was written by Thomas Thörnholm and Thomas G:son.



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