It’s always nice to see Robyn crop up on American television. Or television anywhere in the world for that matter. But American TV more so, because you’re left wondering what all those Americans are thinking of our beloved pop Queen and her elegant electronica. Will they get it? Will they like it? Does it matter? Well she’s had quite a number of appearances on US TV over the last twelve months, so something is going right, somewhere along the way.

Her latest was on the high profile Jay Leno show. Performing ‘Never Will Be Mine’ with Rye Rye, a song which Robyn is credited as a featured artist. We’ve not covered the song on the site before, but we’ve mentioned it a few times on twitter. So if you aren’t aware of it, in a nutshell, it’s a young new female rap artist from America who has sampled Robyn’s mega ‘Be Mine’. She’s even allowed Robyn to appear in the song’s video. And it’s certainly got its merits, we like it a lot.

We LOVE the performance though. It’s Robyn doing her usual wowing thing that she does. To an unsuspecting American audience. But with a difference this time. With a friend.


Never Will Be Mine Live @ Jay Leno BMF by BlakMusicFirst

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