Swedish singer Beldina this week continues her hugely agreeable trend of uploading top quality tracks to her Soundcloud page, in such a frequency that we’re never waiting too long for the next one.

The latest one is ‘Blow Me Away’. This one’s unusually upbeat and positive for our Beldina – she actually sounds happy on it. She’s also hiked up the pitch of her vocal for ‘Blow Me Away’, as if to accentuate her rare glee. And the Soulectro production is reminiscent of Kelis and Andre 3000’s ‘Millionaire’. A glossy up-tempo jam that is this afternoon turning out to be the perfect launch for the weekend.

Check out ‘Blow Me Away’ here. And she’s made it available as a free download too which is generous of her;

Beldina – Blow me away by If i were a Bell

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