Beldina, of ‘What Can I Say‘ and ‘Here We Go‘ fame and amazingnessness, has this week offered up a free download of a new song which is also pretty damn spiffing.

It must be quite frustrating when not once, but twice, you end up with one of the most cruelly underrated pop gems of its given year. So we guess a free download is a prime form of retaliation. A weary sigh in the face of undeserved indifference. “Here you go, you sods – just have it. Maybe then you’ll listen it“.

‘Pillow Fight’ is the new song. A dark and down-beat dance track. It’s not so much peak time dance floor action on a Saturday night out, more a fuming and sexually frustrated taxi ride home alone. She swears a lot. It’s a very good song. Not up there with ‘What Can I Say’ and ‘Here We Go’, but we don’t think it was meant to be either. Just a stop gap being given away as a free download to remind everyone (or at least everyone who’s listening, anyway) what a brilliant popstar she is.

(she also released another song as a free download last month though, but that wasn’t very good)

Listen, and nab the download of ‘Pillow Fight’;


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