Swedish singer Belle returns today with the release of her new single ‘Attraction’.

Typically Belle, it’s a little bit of dance, a smidgeon of pop, and a hint of grimey electronica. And the whole thing has been given a retro 90s gloss. Turn of the millennium pop music. The golden era of pop.

‘Attraction’ is all about the theory of there being a law of attraction. According to Belle herself, “Yes, I do believe in the law of attraction. Since a goal without a plan is only a dream; it’s powerful to visualise it, to see and feel it happen. I’m not afraid of taking the first step if I’m attracted to someone. You don’t get anywhere stuck in a corner. I guess I’m a go-getter both in private and as a creative person“.

It’s all quite sexy.

The song was written by Linda Sonnvik, Mike Moorish, and Thomas Karlsson. Moorish coming up with the edgy glitch hop sound, Sonnvik adding the vocal melody and lyrics, and Karlsson adding the cheeky pop flavour that Belle is all about.

‘Attraction’ is out now and has been released outside of Sweden too. Later this month on the 27th, Belle will also release a new edit of the song – mixed by SoundFactory and with him credited as a featured artist.

Here’s the lyric vid;


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