Swedish pint sized popstar Belle has just released a not so pint sized plethora of remixes of her ph’nom dancepop track from Oh Twelve, ‘Sister’s Anthem’.

Remember the original? “we staaaaaaannnnnd united, we’re uuuuuundivided“.

Scandipop fave SoundFactory is at the helm of one of these new mixes. And as always, he’s done a splendid job of it. Such a good job of it in fact, that his mix recently got to number 1 on the Swedish iTunes electronic chart (matching the success of the original last summer), and has just this week debuted on the official Swedish dance chart. Since the original is a fantastic dance track anyway, SoundFactory has essentially just turned it into a different kind of fantastic dance track. But one can never have too many fantastic dance track in one’s repertoire.

Listen out for the bonkers n’ brill middle eight.

The Sister’s Anthem remix EP is out now. Well actually there’s about four different EP’s of the single out now, with a cacophony of mixes spanning all four. But the SoundFactory remix is the best of the lot. Aside from the original, natch.

Sisters Anthem (Remixes) - Belle


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