Belle is all set to release her new single ‘Sound Of Summer’ this week in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg. We’ve loved the song since we first heard it months ago, and still do. A lot! You can read our review of it here.

However, this weekend we’ve got a fresh new interest in the track, as we were sent the full remix package. And would you look at the hefty package on it!

01. Radio edit
02. Extended
03. PMG’s Life’s A Beach Party Radio Mix (UK/Denmark)
04. PMG’s Life’s A Beach Party Mix (UK/Denmark)
05. Dandeej Remix (Italy)
06. BeeZed Remix (Sweden)
07. Armand Deluxe Remix – (Hungary)
08. Christian Rusch Club Mix (Sweden)
09. Brasko Club Mix (Sweden)
10. Bat Remix (US)

We’ve indictaed the country of origin of each remix, simply because we think it’s a really interesting concept. Belle and her team have tried to make the song as international an affair as possible, and drafted in remixers from various different countires, to give each version of the song something a little bit different and unique to it. The result is a wonderfully varied listen.

Our favourite mix (aside from the radio edit and the amazing extended version) is the Armand Deluxe remix. It’s the remix that stays closest to the original, but speeds up the tempo, ramps up the bpm, and turns it into a full on stormer of a club tracks. Added into the mix are whooshes, explosions, sirens, and pretty much the kitchen sink, to create a barmy level of excitement, and a sudden need to be on a dancefloor somewhere, anywhere!

PMG’s Life’s A Beach Party mix is another favourite. It lives up to its name too! It brings the song’s excitment down a level or two, perhaps in order for it to fit in with the cool of a beach party. It adds a bit of piano house to it, and a more accessible euro synth riff. Here’s the audio;

For those of you not living in BeNeLux, you should still hopefully be able to buy the single soon. There are plenty of other territories interested in singing the single. We’ll keep you posted as and when we hear anything.

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