We first encountered this guy earlier this summer when he released the epic and chilling ‘Mountains‘. And now Norwegian singer Bjørn Olav Edvardsen follows that up with a similarly themed single – ‘Avalanche’.

Similar in theme, and also similar in sound to ‘Mountains’ too. ‘Avalanche’ is a lot more laidback and subdued than the dramatic ‘Mountains’ though. Whereas the vocal he displayed as he sang the lyrics “I’m moving mountains” sounded like it literally could move mountains, the way he sings “and it hits you like an avalanche” here, sounds like he’s lying there, taking it, and processing his escape.

We asked Bjørn what the song is basically about. “For me its about not giving up even when it feels like an avalanche around you….“. He says it’s not intended as a sad song. It’s instead a song about all of the different emotions that can take over – converted into a tougher, more rhythmic electronic landscape.

He’s competed in Idol, and more recently in The Voice – so he’s known in Norway. But on the strength of these first two singles, we don’t know how he’s not a great deal bigger. Only a matter of time though surely.

‘Avalanche’ is out now, and has been released outside of Norway too.



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