Danish popstar and occasional pop songwriter Bjørnskov has just released a new single and video. It’s called ‘Venner For Evigt’, and if Danish is as close to Swedish as we think it occasionally is, then that means ‘Friends Forever’.

The last time we heard from Bjørnskov was last summer, when he put out ‘Vi Er Helte’. And if you remember yourself thinking a great big YES when that was released, then you’ll be happy with this new single too. There are lots of sonic similarities between the two. ‘Venner For Evigt’ is another uplifting, beat-heavy ballad with an effortlessly catchy chorus. It’s likable pop in a lot of different ways. We could do with him upping his release schedule from one single per year.

Here’s the video for ‘Venner For Evigt’, which was released last week;

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