The video arrived yesterday for the brand new single from Danish artist Björnskov. ‘Vi Er Helte’ (which means We Are Heroes).

It’s one of those uplifting, mid-tempo torch songs – which is appropriate given the title. This one’s got a superb melody to it. Quickly likable and instantly feel-good. Even if you don’t speak the language, you can tell that this is all for the greater good of man. That melody couldn’t be about anything down-beat. It’s a rouser.

The video’s a bit grim though. We would have preferred more shots of the man himself, just, y’know, there.

When he’s not churning out top quality tracks like this for himself, Peter Björnskov also has a career as a songwriter for other artists in Denmark. He’s previously written songs for Scandipop featured acts such as Electric Lady Lab, Emmelie de Forest, Mohamed Ali, Anna Noa, Bryan Rice, Kato, Brinck, and Sanne Salomonsen. Not bad!

‘Vi Er Helte’ is out now, and it’s been released outside of Denmark too.

Vi Er Helte - Single - Björnskov


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