So, the latest scandipop live event took place this week in London, and it was the biggest night we’ve had so far since we started one year ago – thanks to the fact that this time around, we had BWO perform there. It was their first time doing a UK show in well over a year, so it was a rare opportunity for their UK fanbase to see them live, and an even rarer chance to see them in such an intimate venue. The 200 strong crowd got to see them up close AND personal – as after their show, BWO came into the crowd to mingle and chat with everyone, and pose for photographs.

Punctual as promised, they arrived on stage at 8pm to a massive welcome of cheers. They launched straight into their nine song set list, interspersed with rousing dialogue from Martin. Here’s what we got;

Give Me The Night
Love Came Crashing Down
Sunshine In The Rain
Sixteen Tonnes Of Hardware
You’re Not Alone
Rise To The Occasion
Chariots Of Fire
Lay Your Love On Me
Right Here, Right Now


It was quite a special show. Not just because of the close proximity of the band to its fans, but also because it was so clear to see that BWO were enjoying it so much. Martin marched around the stage like a man possessed, and with perfect live vocals. Marina smiled her way through the whole show, even giggling every time she tried to sing her solo lines, as the crowd cheered her so loudly. And Alexander looked almost humbled by the whole thing. When their performance was over, they literally couldn’t speak for all the cheers and applause being directed at them. The reaction was thoroughly deserved though, as their performance really was quality. A great energy, an even greater enthusiasm, and their songs sounded even better than ever on the speakers of a venue that size.



They then thanked everyone for coming along, and announced that they would be coming into the crowd to speak to everyone. Which they did – for over an hour! We had a lot of people come up to us afterwards on the night, and send messages since, all saying what a great show it was and being nothing but complimentary about the performers. It was admirable of them to come over and put on a show for their faithful UK fan base. Let’s hope it won’t be too long before we see them again.





Their album ‘Big Science’ is released over here on Monday. And their single ‘Right Here, Right Now’ will follow some time later this month. Deserved hits if ever there were, but we’ll see what happens!

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