Tove Styrke guests on a brand new single by Caotico, a band from Umeå in Sweden. It’s called ‘Brains Out’ and it’s utter filth!

With a chorus that goes “fuck my brains out……fuck my brains out…..fuck my brains out……like you did last night“, it really is Tove like you’ve never heard her before. The song itself is on more of a rockier tip than what we’re used to from her, but it does still have a generous helping of electro and funk, so in a way perhaps it’s not a million miles away from her current single ‘Call My Name’. The dirtier, sluttier older sister, if you will. It’s catchy, and that’s a good thing – so long as you don’t mind having “fuck my brains out” stuck in your head all day.

This actually gets played on Swedish radio, uncensored! Amazing.

You can hear it in full in the stream below. Which was broadcast live to an unsuspecting nation at around 1.30 in the afternoon yesterday. Just skip to the 27:40 mark. And brace yourselves.

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