Swedish self professed club kid Cazzi Opeia is back with another new single.

She’s sticking with the the dance music style that’s made us sit up and take notice of her before, so that’s a positive. Another positive is the fact that ‘With You’ also stands up to the remarkably high standard that Cazzi has set herself with earlier releases ‘My Heart In 2’ and ‘If You Have A Problem’. ‘With You’ has got that great element of some songs in this genre, that contains a standard pop section of the song, while also delivering a big dance instrumental blow out.

Obviously unintentionally, the “you-ou-ou-ou” chorus instantly draws comparisons with the new Agnes single also released this week, ‘All I Want Is You’. It’s the sound of the season.

‘With You’ is written by Cazzi Opeia, George Nakas, Ronan Davis, and Oliver Lönn.

More ace Cazzi Opeia here: ‘If You Have A Problem‘ and ‘My Heart In 2‘.


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