Charlotte Perrelli last night announced what her next single from her ‘The Girl’ album will be. She’s gone with ‘Just Not Tonight’.

Taking things down a tempo or three from the pop/dance/schlager of ‘Little Braveheart’ and ‘The Girl’, ‘Just Not Tonight’ brings Charlotte into her equally as comfortable ballad territory. It’s got a hint of the 80’s stadium rock anthem about it (that’ll be songwriter Johan Becker’s influence we bet). And it also throws some big beats into the mix too, to stop it from wandering into soppy waters. Above all, it’s got a punchy chorus to it. Listen twice and attempt to refrain from singing along, we dare ya.

We’re a bit miffed that she (EMI) has seemingly lost interest in ‘Little Braveheart’ in favour of this, however much we like it. Although seeing as how ‘One Last Time’ by Agnes is currently shaping up to be one of her biggest hits in Sweden, we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt on this one.

‘Just Not Tonight’ is composed by Johan Becker, Fredrik Thomander, Lindy Robbins, and Marcus Sjöberg. You can listen to the studio recording below, and watch her perform it live here.

Folks from outside of Sweden can pick up ‘Just Not Tonight’s parent album, ‘The Girl’, from our online store. Magnificent album, this one.

Just Not Tonight - Single - Charlotte Perrelli



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