Danish pop scamp Christopher has today released the video for the latest single to be taken from his album. He’s gone for the title track, ‘Colours’, featuring his fellow Scandipop songstress Frida Amundsen.

It’s much in the same vein as everything else we’ve heard from Christopher – if a little more up-tempo and jovial. Although there’s always a spot of joviality to what Christopher releases – there’s just something about his delivery. We like Christopher and his oh so puritan pop. Good clean, melodic fun. Although by this stage, we’re getting ever so curious to hear/see what he’d sound/look like if he dropped the guitar for just one single, and came out with a guns blazing, super choreographed, synth styled, dance track!……


The video features our pop hero on the road, on tour. And lots of that aforementioned guitar;

Colours - Christopher


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